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Finding out about your digital capabilities is a priority.


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Here are 6 questions you should ask to go beyond the obvious:

  • What are we doing to build, leverage and score our consumer email database? Objective: take Google and Facebook out of the cost of acquisition.
  • What is the actual day to day interventions to minimize our cost to Google and Facebook? Google algorythm is sensitive to many frequent improvements.
  • Are we A/B testing messages, targeting, landing pages to optimize ROI? Huge opportunity that could inform your overall communication on- and off-line.
  • How do we consolidate data across channels to personalize the user experience across devices and touchpoints? Your consumer expect you recognize her whatever device she uses.
  • How many intermediate players are involved in media purchasing? This does affect your agility and cost structure and media planning creativity.
  • Do we own campaign structure, keyword data, audience data? Watch out that you don’t loose historical data if you decide to change agency.

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